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Welcome to SAPOA Awards

Recognising distinction in property development

Property developments that emanate innovative excellence are the amalgamation of technical genius and artistic expression. As a result, they enhance our skylines, and are progressive towards world-class property development.

SAPOA encourages and recognises such meetings of minds and expertise that result in exceptional property developments with unmatched gravitas.

It is with that in mind that SAPOA is excited to once again host the annual SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence, the most prestigious programme of its kind within the South African commercial real estate industry. The awards aim to showcase and recognize some of the most innovative property developments that contribute towards the enhancement of our towns and cities.

Architectural excellence is about far more than bricks and mortar or designing the highest skyscraper in a city. It is about innovation, functionality, technological advancement, clarity of design and precision.

Moreover, it is about creating spaces that have character through engineering excellence and superior design capabilities of property developers and owners. Property developments also directly affect various facets of daily life, including aesthetic appeal which encourages an influx of tourism and investment or the inclusion of green elements to counter global warming and exorbitant energy consumption.

There are various categories for recognition and overall awards for Transformation, Heritage, Green Sustainability and Innovation. Entries will be assessed for various properties which serve as a mark of distinction as well as how they scale against each other and on the global stage. The project that displays superior excellence on a holistic front, promotes sustainability, showcases design excellence and optimises space, among other things, will be recognized as the overall winner of the SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence.

As an organization, SAPOA believes that excellent property development enhances our cities and towns by providing commercial opportunities and encouraging emerging developers to strive for distinction. It is through collaborative efforts and a need for progress in the commercial property space that South Africa will be propelled to front-runner status in comparison to its African counterparts and on the global scale. It is also through initiatives such as these awards that property excellence is afforded global exposure through international affiliates of SAPOA. Showcasing the winners' deserving efforts and publically recognizing them sets the bar of excellence higher for commercial property stakeholders - a direct goal of SAPOA.

CLOSING DATE: 28 February 2019

Zinon Marinakos
Chairperson of the SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence