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Judging Criteria

The award will be made on the basis of the overall excellence of the development having regard to the criteria or property solutions listed under the following categories:


1. Economic and financial considerations (Weighting: 20)
a) Return on development/ solution vs capital outlay
b) Payback period on design/ solution?
c) Did you do a life cycle analysis?

2. Design Concept (Weighting: 15)
a) Clear evidence of Innovation
b) New idea / concept
c) Fresh approach

3. Functionality / Fit for Purpose / Impact (Weighting: 7)
a) What enhancements are provided to improve the primary use of the building or solution
b) Doing new things or doing things differently

4. Facilities / User Satisfaction (Weighting: 7)
a) What is the uniqueness of the design / solution?
b) How does the initiative deliver benefit to the industry and stakeholders?
c) How original or creative was the design / solution?
d) What evidence exists to support positive impacts?

5) Tenant Covernance (Weighting: 6)
a) Strength of tenants
b) Type of tenant
c) Tenant Mix
d) Lease Duration

6. Environmentally sustainable design (Weighting: 10)
a) To what extent has the innovation taken environmental issues into account?
b) Does the innovation contribute to the green star rating, if so what is it?
c) Explain how sustainable the innovation/ design is?
d) Please keep the GBCSA criteria in mind when providing your response (management; indoor environment quality; energy; transport; water; materials; land use and ecology; emissions and innovation) where applicable.

7. Social transformation (Weighting: 10)
a) How did the innovation/ design / solution assist in community enhancement?
b) How did the innovation/ design / solution assist in transformation?
c) How did the innovation/ design /solution assist in social upliftment?
d) How did the innovation assist in empowerment / job creation?

8. Overall impact (Weighting: 25)
a) Please enter your concluding remarks.
b) What is different about this innovation/ design / solution?
c) Please provide points of special merit to be taken into account by the judges.
d) Is this proposal clear and well presented?

The following overall awards will be evaluated for all entries submitted

  • Transformation Award
  • Heritage Award
  • Sustainability Award
  • Innovative Award