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Property development is part of the engine of any free-market-driven economy. It creates wealth not only for the developer, but ultimately also for the country as a whole, in that it creates employment, reinforces the tax base and provides the infrastructure in which the economy may grow and prosper. Innovative solutions to a property challenge provide a springboard for improved property development and/or upgrading of associated services.

In recognition of the importance of property development to the South African economy and the community which it serves, SAPOA wishes to honour those property innovators, developers, owners and built environment professionals who, through the quality of their products, have contributed significantly to the enhancement of the industry.

Whilst SAPOA is sensitive to the need for developments to be attractive, it wishes to emphasise that this recognition is not based solely on architectural appeal, but rather on a holistic approach in that developments need to be economically viable, satisfy the needs of both the investor and user, be aesthetically appealing and enhance the locality in which they are situated.

In acknowledging excellence in property development, we must deepen our appreciation for and understanding of the urban challenge and the opportunities that exist for solving problems, thereby enriching the quality of life in our cities and urban areas.

The SAPOA awards for excellence must be seen to be a recognition of those innovative solutions and/or property development projects that embody excellence in all the disciplines involved in their creation. The awards are an affirmation by SAPOA of the ideal of providing society with the optimal solution to its property needs, recognising the solutions or projects that best embody overall excellence.

Pieter Engelbrecht
Chairperson: SAPOA Property Development Awards for Innovative Excellence